National Nurses Day celebration

 Many have come together to celebrate our heroes who don’t wear capes, #NationalNursesDay is trending on social media has many individuals have a thing or two to say about nurses. 

No doubt nurses have been under celebrated even with the global pandemic “COVID-19”, many nurses have lost their lives fighting and trying to save infected people. 

Here are some of the things people had to say about #NationalNursesDay

When the pandemic struck, nurses were there.

When we needed testing and treatments, nurses were there.

As we move towards the light at the end of the tunnel, nurses are here.

To all the sheroes and heroes: thank you.”


- letitia james (Attorney General of New York)

“Nurses are the Glue that holds healthcare together. Thanks for all you do 💕#NationalNursesDay”

- Joseph Sakran (Trauma surgeon) 

“The dedication and compassion that Chicago’s nurses show their patients never fails to inspire Amy and me. On behalf of a grateful city, thank you to the thousands of nurses who care for Chicagoans in need each and every day. #NationalNursesDay”

- Mayor Lori lightwood (mayor of Chicago) 

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